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What's new in Axon 4.3 by Allard Buijze and Steven van Beelen

English 2020
This is a shorter video impression of the webinar of Feb 20th about What's new in Axon 4.3 where Allard and Steven talk about the latest features and possibilities.

The Structure of an Axon Application

English 2019
In this video, we will go over some concepts and set up the initial project structure.

The Query Model

English 2019
In this video, we are going to build out the query side of our application by defining a simple Query Model and explain how to keep this model up to date by listening to new Events.

The Core API of Axon

English 2019
In this video, we will create the core API of the application by writing its Commands, Events and Queries.

The Command Model

English 2019
In this video, we talk about the command model, how to build Aggregate and how these aggregates handle commands. We explain how to configure the Axon Framework to take advantage of Event Sourcing. And in the end, we will introduce the decision-making module.

Steven van Beelen - Live coding session: Axon 4.4 in practice

English 2020
This video was one of the sessions during our Event-Driven Microservices Conference 2020.