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AxonIQ Ask Me Anything session - with Steven van Beelen and Milan Savic

English 2021
This video is the recording of our Ask Me Anything session from October 5th, hosted by Ben Wilcock. In this session, several guests asked questions regarding anything related to Axon. These questions were being answered by our Lead Developer of Axon Framework, Steven van Beelen and Software Engineer of Axon Server Milan Savic.

AxonIQ Initializr - Getting started was never so easy

English 2021
Get started on your new Axon project in seconds! Try it yourself, for free, at

How to use AxonIQ Cloud tutorial

English 2021
Do you want to take your first steps in the world of AxonIQ Cloud? Then this video is a must-see. Our colleague Yvonne Ceelie, lead developer for Cloud, explains how you can use AxonIQ Cloud and immediately shows you what it looks like and how the console works. Enjoy! To get access to Cloud yourself, please go to

Fast lane Axon Framework - Online Training Session 1

English 2020
This is a shorter video impression of the Axon Framework online training where Steven provides labs and insights into relevant concepts and Axon

Axon GDPR Data Protection module 4.1 - Webinar recording

English 2020
This is the 6-min teaser for the webinar recording provided by Yvonne Ceelie, Senior Software Developer At AxonIQ. It's about the GDPR Data Protection Module 4.1. The Axon Data Protection Module uses cryptography on protected data, without altering the data itself, allowing Event Streams to remain intact.

Curso online sintetizado sobre Axon Framework - Aprende más sobre Axon (short)

Spanish 2020
This is a short 3 min version of the 91 min recording of the Curso online sintetizado sobre Axon Framework