Open Source

Axon products have different licenses and accept different kind of contributions

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Apache 2 Open Source License
The Java framework for developers who want to implement their apps follows architectural principles such as DDD, CQRS, and Event Sourcing. The framework integrates with Spring-Framework but also allows to write plain Java apps. The repository is public, and the community can contribute by reporting bugs, proposing new features, plugins, etc.

Quick Summary

You can do what you like with the software, as long as you include the required notices.



Ability to use, copy / reproduce the work freely in unlimited quantities 

Commercial use

Ability to make use of the work for commercial purpose or to license it for a fee


Ability to distribute the work to third parties freely, in unlimited quantities


Ability to modify / combine the work with others and create derivatives


Ability to license the work, including possible modifications (without changing the licence if it is copyleft or share alike) 


Hold Liable

Describes the right to charge the software owner or contributors for direct or indirect damages.

Use trademark

Describes the rigth to use the original licensor or contributors' names, trademarks or logos (i.e. for advertisement, promotion)


Include Copyright

Describes whether the original copyright and attribution marks must be retained

Include Licence

Include the full text of the licence in the modified software.

Disclose source

The source code of distributed derivatives must be publicly available