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Why should I contribute?

If you enjoy using and see the potential in Axon Framework and/or Axon Server, but something is missing, you can help to fill that gap. If you have found a bug or have a feature to propose, think the documentation needs improvement, or even want to contribute to our repository, please don’t keep it to yourself. Sharing and contributing will help the ecosystem, and the whole Axon community will benefit from it.

How can I contribute?

Depending on your experience and knowledge of Axon Framework and/or Axon Server products, you may find yourself interested to help in different areas or with various tasks and thus, join our community of contributors.

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First-time contributors or people that are new using AxonFramework

Contribute to the docs

If you are reading through the docs or code samples and find any typos, something that is missing or could be explained more clearly, help us improve.

Propose New Features

If there is something you think could be useful, propose your idea and join the discussion to propose it as a new feature.

Fix simple bugs or easy tasks

You can always look for issues and tasks marked as 'ideal for first contributors' on our repository.

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Experienced contributors or people with more knowledge of Axon Framework

Solve questions in discussion platforms

Look at any unsolved questions in our forums and help other developers solve any problems you may have gone through before.

Solve Low priority tasks

This tag means that it will not be tackled immediately by AxonIQ engineering team. If you are interested in them, step in and submit your solution.

Propose New Features

Develop and submit the implementation of any new features that are already listed on the TODO list or that you may have implemented on your own.

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Independent contributors

Publish your own plugin

Contribute and publish any plugin to Axon Framework or Axon Server that you may have created. If it is useful for you, it will likely be useful for someone else.