Axon Synapse Logo with the product name

An HTTP bridge to Axon Server for programming language agnostic message routing

About Axon Synapse

Axon Synapse is a gateway that connects to Axon Server and provides a way to access Axon Server through HTTP(S) protocol. In this way, is possible to build Event-Sourcing and CQRS-based systems that benefit from Axon Server's capabilities also for any language that allows to create and handle HTTP requests.


logo for GatewayHTTPS/REST-based gateway to Axon Server

Axon Synapse provides a gateway that is accessed through HTTP(s) and REST, which is more convenient for developers not using Axon Framework or non-Java applications than having to learn and implement an Axon Server Connector that follows Axon Server's gRPC protocol.

logo for Event StoreEvent Store for any programing language

If you are designing Event-Sourcing based applications and want to use all the potential of Axon Server as an Event Store and Message Broker, Axon Synapse allows you to benefit from Axon Server capabilities as Event Store and Message Broker for modules written in any programming language that allows to create and handle HTTP requests.

logo for InteroperabilityInteroperability across different languages

Provides a universal unified interface to Axon Server when dealing with multiple modules and applications written in different languages and technologies: If you have different microservices written in different languages as Python, .net, C#, JavaScript, Rust, Java... Axon Synapse allows all of them to connect to an Axon Server instance or cluster and use it as Message Broker and Event Store.