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A single-node, single-context, zero-configuration event store and message router

About Axon Server


logo for configurationReduce Configuration Management

Microservices systems are often associated with complex configuration management. Setting up service discovery and message routing correctly is a time-consuming and error-prone task. Axon Server eliminates this complexity. Because it’s built for purpose and tightly integrated with Axon Framework, it performs service discovery and message routing with zero configuration. It just works.

logo for scaling outScale-Out Easily

As your application becomes more successful, you may need to scale your service components horizontally. Axon Server makes it easy: spin up new instances, and Axon Server takes care of the rest. It detects multiple copies of the same service and deals with this correctly for commands, events, and queries alike. No matter whether you have 2 instances or 50.

logo for Real timeReal-time Insight

In a complex microservices system, it can be hard to understand “what’s going on” when teams need to debug a problem. Axon Server helps out here: it automatically provides a graphical overview of our landscape, with drill-down functionality to get detailed information about message handlers. Also, it allows you to do ad-hoc querying on events, extracting specific information from JSON or XML event payloads.

logo for Event Sourcing storageScalable Event Sourcing

Event Sourcing has tremendous benefits for auditability, compliance, and machine learning. But it’s also a challenge for traditional databases. Their general purpose storage engines are not optimized for storing event data. In practice, this leads to scalability problems when the number of events grows beyond a certain point. Axon Server contains a storage engine that is designed for the specific purpose of storing events for event sourcing. It offers superior scalability and throughput characteristics without requiring difficult tuning.

logo for deploymentReady for Enterprise Deployment

Axon Server is freely available to get started quickly and easily. Various other options are available for serious enterprise deployments to give you the assurance and functionality you need. “Axon Server Enterprise” adds SLA-backed support, clustering, monitoring, and integration features to the free Axon Server. Expansion packs are available for security and compliance, global multi-datacenter deployments, and big-data applications.

September 28th, Amsterdam

Join us for the AxonIQ Conference 2023, where the developer community attends to get inspired by curated talks and networking.

September 27th, Amsterdam

The event to collaborate, discuss, and share knowledge about techniques, tools, and practices for building complex, distributed event-driven applications.