Open Source

Axon products have different licenses and accept different kind of contributions

Axon Server Enterprise logo with title

Proprietary license - Private
This is the commercial version of Axon Server. Hence, the repository is private, and contributions can be accepted, but it requires contacting us beforehand.

AxonIQ Cloud logo with title

Private - User agreement for Usage
It is free to use as a software service unless you need paid contexts, which has a license "Pay as you go".

Axon Data Protection logo with tiltle

Proprietary license
This module repository is not available to the public and has an End User License Agreement.

September 28th, Amsterdam

Join us for the AxonIQ Conference 2023, where the developer community attends to get inspired by curated talks and networking.

September 27th, Amsterdam

The event to collaborate, discuss, and share knowledge about techniques, tools, and practices for building complex, distributed event-driven applications.