Popular questions we get regarding our products and concepts

What’s the pricing model?

AxonIQ Cloud lets you pay as you go and does not require a license. You are billed for each message you use, and the more you use, the cheaper it gets.

What is the difference between AxonIQ Cloud and Axon Server?

AxonIQ Cloud is a managed solution; all the infra-like instances of Axon Server, networks, etc., are managed by AxonIQ, using our team's right tools and best practices.

What is AxonIQ Cloud?

AxonIQ Cloud is a fully managed Axon Server environment, which provides messaging and storage functionality for your applications. Once you are familiar with the concepts of Space, Context, and Application, you can easily start to manage and develop your Axon applications.

On what Cloud Environment can I run AxonIQ Cloud?

At the moment, AxonIQ Cloud runs on GCE and we are working to expand it to run on AWS as well.

How can I use it?

It is pretty easy to use. Once you get some knowledge about what is a Space, Context and Application, the UI will guide you. For more detailed information, you can refer to our blog.