Popular questions we get regarding our products and concepts

What levels of security does Axon Server provide?

  • Securing data in transit (TLS)
    • Securing communication between AS cluster and clients
    • Securing intracluster communication
  • Securing data at rest (ADP)
  • RBAC

What is the difference between Axon Server Enterprise and Axon Server Standard?

  1. Enterprise Edition (EE) has clustering

  2. EE supports multi contexts

  3. EE supports more granularity in terms of security

  4. EE is paid edition

How many nodes do I need to run an Axon Server Cluster?

First of all, it is recommended to have an odd number of nodes, preferably 3 or 5 - having more nodes would increase latency. This is explained by the underlying Consensus Protocol that we use, RAFT, as it states that an even number of nodes will reduce availability.

How do I migrate to/from Axon Server Enterprise?

Please read our article regarding this matter here.

How can I backup my data?

Having a cluster of nodes already gives you a form of backup. However, it is possible to backup events and snapshots, control DB and replication log in addition to clustering.