First-time contributors

This category is for individuals that have not contributed in the past or that are new to using Axon Framework and/or Axon Server.

The reference documentation is the first place for many developers to start learning about how to use Axon Framework and Axon Server. If you find something that could be improved, all the future readers will thank you for any contributions that improve the docs, code samples, or guides to be easier to read and to explain the concepts more clearly. All contributions are welcome, you may help to improve the docs by:

  • Giving Feedback on unclear topics, errors, typos, or missing/outdated pages.
  • Fixing those - Sharing/improving our code samples
  • Writing a tutorial to explain how to do something specific.

Read below how the docs are written and how you can involve yourself a contribute.

How the documentation is organized

Explain where and how documentation is organized. (Add text)

Github Repos

To contribute to the Github Repos..

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Reference Doc structure

- Reference Doc structure (Quick-start, Axon Framework, Axon Server, ...)

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Markdown structure

Markdown structure (to add...)

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General guidelines

General guidelines (favor code snippets, use simple and short sentences, ...)

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How to contribute

Explain  how to do simple tasks (it will be probably better using the list in the introduction) (Add text)

Feedback and Typos

Open an issue (for feedbacks and typos)

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.md file

Modify the .md file with the changes required and send a pull request.

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Fix Open Issues

Find open issues and complete missing pieces.

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