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A multi-node, multi-tenant, multi-context, zero-configuration event store and message router as managed service

Why AxonIQ Cloud?


logo for pay as you goPay as you go

In contrast to Axon Server, AxonIQ Cloud lets you pay as you go and does not require a license. You are billed for each message you use, and the more you use, the cheaper it gets (some plans include a daily fixed cost in addition to the cost of the messages used).

logo for infrastructureAxonIQ Manages All Infra

AxonIQ Cloud is a managed solution; all the infra-like instances of Axon Server, networks, etc., are managed by AxonIQ, using our team's tools and best practices. You can focus on developing your perfect application while we care for the rest. You can even use the statistics page to gauge your message usage and costs. Our payment page allows the Admins to have an up-to-date view of the costs involved and make any adjustments necessary.

logo for access from anywhereAccess from Anywhere

No need to worry about security or network! Having Axon Server as a managed solution brings you a lot of benefits. For example, the perk of accessing it from anywhere with security in place, meaning you have full control over who can access your Space(s).

logo for easy to useEasy to Use and Develop

A few clicks, and you are set to start using AxonIQ Cloud without the need to set up Axon Server on your local computer or in any other development environment. Once you are familiar with the concepts of Space, Context, and Application, you can easily start to manage and develop your Axon applications.