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The Axon Server Cloud solution

About AxonIQ Cloud


online platform imageOnline Platform to Axon Server

AxonIQ Cloud is a fully managed Axon Server environment, which provides messaging and storage functionality for Your applications. These messages include Commands, Events, and Queries. While Commands and Queries are routed immediately to the relevant applications connected to the Cloud Service, Events are stored for later consumption by connected Applications.

image for Different rolesDifferent Roles Allowed

There are four roles currently in AxonIQ Cloud: admin, developer, viewer, and no role. The admin role allows the creation of spaces and contexts and to access every aspect of the Cloud, such as billing and statistics and deleting spaces, contexts, and applications. A developer can create spaces and contexts. A viewer has only permission to view spaces and contexts, and the no role is when one is invited to a space but has not been assigned a role yet. A no role will not have access to any parts of the Cloud.

logo for space managementSpace Management

In AxonIQ Cloud, you can create multiple spaces, which are basically workspaces where you connect your application and create contexts. Every space owner is automatically an Admin in that space. It is possible to invite users to your space and assign them roles. Additionally, it is easy to remove users, transfer ownership, and delete spaces.

logo for contextsContexts

A context in AxonIQ Cloud is a bounded context. For example, all involved in a passenger selecting a flight ticket would be in a context, and the payment would be in another context. There are two types of contexts: unpaid and paid contexts. When creating a context on AxonIQ Cloud, it will automatically have its own dedicated directory in Axon Server. 

logo for statisticsStatistics

For all Admins, it is possible to see statistics regarding a space. It will display the number of messages sent and received and the number of events stored and retrieved.