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Pragmatic Event-Driven (Micro)Services by Allard Buijze

Allard Buijze shares the lessons he learned on DDD (and CQRS) while building the Axon Framework. How can a framework help developers build better software, faster? Why do certain frameworks fail, and take you down with them? How can a framework promote, instead of inhibiting, the use of a good model?

Performance aspects of Axon-based CQRS-ES systems by Allard Buijze

This session will begin with a fast-paced review of the core CQRS/ES principles and their implementation in Axon. After that, we'll focus on the various performance challenges and approaches to solving them.

Pivotal and AxonIQ Quickstart your Event Driven Architecture by Ben Wilcock, Steven van Beelen

Let Pivotal and AxonIQ take you on a journey into Axon Trader. Axon Trader is a new open-source reference architecture that demonstrates how to use Spring, Axon, and Pivotal Cloud Foundry to deliver evolutionary microservice applications to prod in minutes.

GOTO 2016: A Pragmatic Approach to Microservices with Axon Framework - Allard Buijze

GOTO Berlin 2016 Allard Buijze - CTO at Trifork Amsterdam

Messaging Patterns in Event Driven Microservice Architectures

In this presentation, we take a DDD / CQRS approach to implementing Microservices, focusing on the messaging between individual services. We will discuss different approaches to ensure decoupling of services on the API level, as well as ways to ensure flexibility to change the system's behavior at runtime simply by switching services on and off.