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An HTTP bridge to Axon Server for programming language agnostic message routing

How dumb do you want your pipes?

By Gerard Klijs

    9 min


    Dec 09, 2022

A comparison of Apache Kafka and Axon Server with respect to how they work as message pipe. Will go through the format used and how sending messages work. As well as how messages are routed and how the solutions scale.

Be up to date with releases and don't miss important announcements

By Milen Dyankov

    5 min


    Jun 07, 2022

Even if you are a frequent Discuss visitor, you may not know about some of its practical use cases. Did you know you can use the platform to track product releases and configure it to notify you when new versions are published?  

Revisiting Axon Server in Containers

By Bert Laverman

    16 min


    May 20, 2021

In my previous blog, I spent just a little bit of text on the challenges of using a single StatefulSet scaled to the number of nodes we want in the cluster. Also, I completely skipped the subject of using Helm to manage the deployment. Both subjects do merit more attention, so let’s do just that.

Event Store Migration and Conversion - How to move or transform events in bulk

By Bert Laverman

    11 min


    Dec 21, 2020

There are several situations where you might want to copy or move the contents of your Event Store, not just to build a view model, but to either move events to a new system or perform large-scale conversions on the contents. In this blog, we will look at some of the scenarios and the different approaches available.

From Model to Code - Zoom Out

By Sara Torrey   &   Ivan Dugalic

    6 min


    Dec 14, 2020

In the previous blog post, this one will help to visualize how multiple software systems fit together within the bounds of an enterprise.

Split & Merge Fundamentals

By Milan Savić   &   Sara Pellegrini

    7 min


    Nov 26, 2020

Nowadays, systems must be designed to handle loads that change quickly and dynamically. In these situations, it is expected that our applications adapt accordingly. Axon is capable of parallel and distributed event processing. It uses segmentation to separate the event stream and then processes those segments in different threads, which may be located in different JVM; therefore, achieving distributed processing. 

High Availability with AxonServer and Axon Framework

By Bert Laverman

    14 min


    Sep 25, 2020

In this blog, we will look at some of the choices you have that Axon Framework provides and its infrastructural companion Axon Server.

Running Axon Server in a Virtual Machine

By Bert Laverman

    23 min


    Jun 22, 2020

So far, we’ve looked at Axon Server running locally to get a feel for its behaviour and the typical customization points, and in Docker and Kubernetes. We haven’t done it yet to run AxonServer in a VM as we have to do progressively more “prep work” to set up the environment. Luckily, nowadays, there’s a focus on automation that can get us out of this, keeping the day-to-day work to a minimum, thanks to DevOps and CI/CD.

Running Axon Server in Docker - Continuing from local developer install to containerized

By Bert Laverman

    17 min


    Apr 24, 2020

In my previous post, I showed you how to run Axon Server locally and configure it for secure operations. We also looked at the possibilities for configuring storage locations. This time around we’ll look at running it in Docker, both using the public image up on Docker Hub as well as with a locally built image, and why you might want to do that.

Running Axon Server - Going from local developer install to full-featured cluster in the cloud

By Bert Laverman

    18 min


    Apr 01, 2020

In this blog series, I will guide you on installing Axon Server for different scenarios, starting with a local installation of Axon Server Standard Edition as a “normal” application, via Docker and Docker-compose, to eventually arrive at a full cluster of Axon Server Enterprise Edition on Cloud VMs. In this first blog, we will focus on getting a feel for the work involved in setting up a scripted installation.

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