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Zero-configuration message router and event store

Casumo, online casino - technical presentation at Axon 3 Launch event

English 2016
Casumo is a technology startup formed in 2012, developing an award-winning online casino. Through design, technology, and innovation, and by ignoring preconceptions and rules, Casumo aims to disrupt a young and, in many ways immature, industry.

How to Setup Axon Server and see Microservices Instances(Axon Framework Tutorials)

English 2019
This video explains how to set up Axon Server on your local system and view the AxonDashboard and local instances on your application.

Performance aspects of Axon-based CQRS-ES systems by Allard Buijze

English 2019
This session will begin with a fast-paced review of the core CQRS/ES principles and their implementation in Axon. After that, we'll focus on the various performance challenges and approaches to solving them.

Pivotal and AxonIQ Quickstart your Event Driven Architecture by Ben Wilcock, Steven van Beelen

English 2018
Let Pivotal and AxonIQ take you on a journey into Axon Trader. Axon Trader is a new open-source reference architecture that demonstrates how to use Spring, Axon, and Pivotal Cloud Foundry to deliver evolutionary microservice applications to prod in minutes.

Webinar: Live Coding - Getting started with Axon 3 Session 3

English 2016
In this webinar you will discover: the design process for projections (i.e. query models); implementing and configuring the event handlers; reconstructing a projection from historic events.

Webinar: Live Coding - Getting started with Axon 3

English 2016
In this first of a series of hands-on webinars, you will learn about: how to set up the infrastructure components; how to organize your codebase in a practical way; how to apply event sourcing; how to define test cases for event-sourced aggregates.

Axon 3 Release Presentation

English 2016
Axon 3 Release Presentation explaining new features and improvements of Axon Framework. Presented by Allard Buijze at the Launch event on 10 June 2016.

Event Storage in Axon Server - How does it work?

English 2019
In practice, even the most experienced architects struggle to define the requirements event sourcing imposes on the database technology. In this presentation, we explain how event storage in Axon Server works and how you can benefit from it in your system.

Webinar: Bootiful CQRS with Axon

English 2016
Join Axon framework founder and lead, Allard Buijze at Trifork and Spring Developer Advocate Josh Long, for a look at how to integrate different systems with different read and write characteristics using Axon, a CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) framework that builds on Spring and Spring Boot.