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Zero-configuration message router and event store

High Availability Deployments with Axon Server

By Christian Vermorken

    5 min


    Mar 21, 2023

Learn some of the trade-offs you should consider as well as some starting points you can use for your Axon Server Enterprise cluster.

Tiered storage capabilities in Axon Server

By Stefan Dragisic

    5 min


    Mar 17, 2023

In this blog post, we'll look at how to use Axon Server's tiered storage to find a good balance between speed and cost using real-world examples.

How dumb do you want your pipes?

By Gerard Klijs

    9 min


    Dec 09, 2022

A comparison of Apache Kafka and Axon Server with respect to how they work as message pipe. Will go through the format used and how sending messages work. As well as how messages are routed and how the solutions scale.

Be up to date with releases and don't miss important announcements

By Milen Dyankov

    5 min


    Jun 07, 2022

Even if you are a frequent Discuss visitor, you may not know about some of its practical use cases. Did you know you can use the platform to track product releases and configure it to notify you when new versions are published?  

Event Store Migration and Conversion - How to move or transform events in bulk

By Bert Laverman

    11 min


    Dec 21, 2020

There are several situations where you might want to copy or move the contents of your Event Store, not just to build a view model, but to either move events to a new system or perform large-scale conversions on the contents. In this blog, we will look at some of the scenarios and the different approaches available.

Bounded contexts with Axon

By Ivan Dugalic

    6 min


    Apr 05, 2019

Bounded Contexts represent logical boundaries from a run-time perspective, defined by contracts within software artefacts where the model is implemented. In Axon applications, the contract (API) is represented as a set of messages (commands, events, and queries) which the application publishes and consumes. Bounded Contexts are a strategic concept in Domain Driven Design, and it is important to know how it is reflected in the architecture and organizational/team structure.