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Running Axon Server in 2020

English 2020
This is the recording of the Webinar Running Axon Server provided by Bert Laverman on August 12th 2020.

What's new in Axon 4.3 by Allard Buijze and Steven van Beelen

English 2020
This is a shorter video impression of the webinar of Feb 20th about What's new in Axon 4.3 where Allard and Steven talk about the latest features and possibilities.

Message Routing in AxonServer

English 2019
Events aren't all you need in an Event-Driven Architecture. Commands and Queries are equally important building blocks in the communication between components. Learn about how AxonServer's message routing works, and how this helps build evolutionary, event-driven microservice architectures.

Event Storage in Axon Server

English 2019
In practice, even the most experienced architects struggle to define the requirements event sourcing imposes on the database technology. In this presentation, we explain how event storage in Axon Server works and how you can benefit from it in your system.

New features of Axon 4.1

English 2019
If you are interested in Axon Framework and Axon Server or if you already use these products in your project, please listen to this presentation introducing the new release Axon 4.1.

Axon 4.0 Product Launch

English 2018
Axon 4.0 is a platform consisting of the popular Apache 2 licensed Axon Framework and the new, built-for-purpose Axon Server. While they can be used independently, together, they show their true power. In this webinar, we will explain the latest product features and the new packaging.