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Open-source framework for event-driven microservices and domain-driven design

About Axon Framework

Based on architectural principles, such as Domain-Driven Design (DDD) and Command-Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS), the Axon Framework provides the building blocks that CQRS requires and helps create scalable and extensible applications while maintaining application consistency in distributed systems. Want to learn more about these concepts, from DDD to Microservices to CQRS to event sourcing? Join one of our webinars or training shown under the Events menu.


DDD Logo in blueProven technology for DDD / event-sourcing / CQRS systems

Axon Framework is built on sound architectural principles, such as DDD and CQRS. CQRS is an architectural pattern that describes a clear distinction between two parts of an application: one that processes commands and one that executes queries on data. Separating these two domains enables developers to build less complex and better maintainable applications. Axon Framework enables developers to easily develop their applications following this pattern without worrying about the non-functional aspects of messaging between components.

A blue image of three dots interconected, representing a group of microservices.Supports evolutionary approach to Microservices

Location transparency is vital when it comes to designing application components. By ensuring components are unaware of the components they interact with, evolving a monolith into microservices becomes as easy as configuring different messaging components. Axon provides these components, allowing them to scale seamlessly from a single monolith to hundreds of microservices. Axon Framework allows an application to scale when the non-functionals require so, and not a moment sooner.

A circular arrow, representing focus.Focus on business logic

Axon Framework provides the building blocks for components to communicate and simple to use API for configuring it. This allows developers to spend time on what's truly important: the business logic that sets you apart from your competition. As an application evolves, Axon ensures logical boundaries are maintained so that an application remains its ability to scale out when the non-functionals require it.

An image representing the integration of two different elements.Integrates with Spring Boot and other frameworks

Axon Framework comes with a Spring Boot Starter, making using it as easy as adding a dependency. Axon will automatically configure itself based on best practices and other dependencies you have set. Providing explicit configuration is a matter of adding a bean of the component that needs to be configured differently. Furthermore, Axon Framework integrates with Spring Cloud Discovery, Spring Messaging, and Spring Cloud AMQP.

A blue logo representing open sourceOpen Source

Axon Framework is free. Axon's sources are available in a Git repository on GitHub. The fast-growing community of Axon users provides support (obviously, at AxonIQ, we're also happy to help).