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Field-level encryption and cryptographic erasure for the JVM

Be up to date with releases and don't miss important announcements

By Milen Dyankov

    5 min


    Jun 07, 2022

Even if you are a frequent Discuss visitor, you may not know about some of its practical use cases. Did you know you can use the platform to track product releases and configure it to notify you when new versions are published?  

Protect sensitive data in an Event-Sourced Application

By Yvonne Ceelie

    6 min


    Feb 24, 2021

In message-driven systems, messages flow in a lot of directions.The right to data erasure is a requirement that is common in security laws. At first glance, the right to erasure seems to be contradictory to event sourcing. A solution to overcome this problem is crypto shredding. AxonIQ’s Data Protection Module takes a declarative approach to encrypting sensitive data. 

Deepening Our Open Source Commitment

By Allard Buijze

    5 min


    Oct 18, 2018

Axon Server, combination from AxonDB and AxonHub, will be accompanied by two new commercial offerings - Axon Server Enterprise and Axon GDPR Data Protection Module. We are also realigning the Axon Framework towards Axon Server and offering a new simplified, combined platform named Axon 4.0. These changes represent a major step towards further deepening our long-term commitment to open source and are worth explaining briefly.